Traveling is always fun, exciting and very much needed for those times we need a getaway. No matter what trip you plan to take, a little luxury never hurt anyone. For your next trip, book a helicopter to Atlantic City, the Hamptons or anywhere you wish to go with WingsAir.

Our helicopter charters are also a great option for corporate outings, day trips or special occasions and surprises. Our pilots are ready to fly you to your destination in style and most importantly, comfort. We offer quick and convenient air charter throughout the Northeast with direct access to popular entertainment venues, casinos, resorts, beaches, golf courses, and much more. Heading to the casino with some friends for a night out? Hop aboard a WingsAir air charter to add the cherry on top to your trip.

Our helicopter charter services are not only amazing and provide phenomenal aerial views, but they’re affordable too! Many people worry that air charters can be very pricey. You can get more for your buck when you fly with us and some unforgettable memories along the way.  


Visit our quick quote request portion of our website to start planning your extravagant entrance to your destination today:


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