Spring is in the air and of course, so is love. Springtime in New York is such a wonderful time of the year. There are far more activities to do versus the fall/winter months. Outdoor dining is at an all time high, trips to the Hamptons are back in fashion plus much more. 

But what about date night for the average New York couple? The busy life of New Yorkers is exciting and seems never-ending but for those who are in a relationship, unlike the city life, sometimes things can get a little boring and outdated. 

So what does a couple who is well into their season(s) of love to do for date planning? Celebrate their love in a helicopter tour for two...duh. Touring the best city in the world alongside your lover is a wonderful way to add excitement to a typical Friday night date. 

Private helicopter tours fly over a number of sights to see and give couples the opportunity to cast out the rest of the world and really enjoy one another with conversation, views and scenes from above. 

Bring some spark to you and your honey’s next date and book a scenic tour of love.