Living in New York City can be very exciting, busy and chaotic all in one day. Natives and transplants of the Big Apple are familiar with the annual routine of escaping to the Hamptons. Leaving work, annoying colleagues and your worries is the highlight of the spring season every year. 
But what is it about the getaway to the Hamptons that makes it so chic and popular for New Yorkers? Well for starters, it’s not an out of state trip, so more transportation options are available. You can carpool it with some friends, hop on the Jitney or take the hassle free route and board a helicopter from NYC to the Hamptons. 
Once vacationers get to the Hamptons, the activities available and the chill community is what makes this destination a star. 
Being that the Hamptons is a beach town, unlike the city, white sandy shores with enormous mansions nearby are a main staple in the area. 
The nightclubs are great places to have a genuinely great time. The food spots such as Moby's, Bay Kitchen Bar and The Living Room at the Maidstone are just a few of the excellent aspects that you have to try before the end of the summer. 
And did we mention biking? The Hamptons serves as a top notch place to bike in due to the number of open roads and the amazing sunsets guests get to experience every day. 
The Hamptons is more than another place to visit, it’s an experience.